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About Us

the Chic Eco Boutique for shopping that doesnt leave a footprint

The Chic Eco Boutique is the go-to emporium for environment conscious, stylish women.

As our founder Jo says,

'Our Boutique is filled with an array of jewellery, underwear, scarves, soaps, beauty products and much more. For ladies who are passionate about sustainable and eco-friendly shopping, we have an amazing selection of accessories, garments and toiletries made by local businesses that are all produced sustainably and kindly to Mother Nature'.


The store stocks an array of fabulous products from sustainable knickers, to upcycled jewellery and organic soaps. Whatever you're looking for, the Boutique has you covered.

Not to mention, all the packaging is totally eco-friendly too!

Our founder, Jo, has always been very passionate about advocating for sustainability and supporting local business. For many years she has successfully maintained a platform for promoting South West based entrepreneurs and small business owners with markets and fairs across the Southwest, through sister company Miss Ivy Events. 

When the pandemic and lockdown put a stop to running these amazing events, Jo turned her attention to rethinking her priorities; and in particular her growing desire to encourage environmental consciousness. This, coupled with Jo’s continued dedication to supporting and helping local businesses, led to the creation of The Chic Eco Boutique.

The Chic Eco Boutique for shopping that doesnt leave a footprint for eco friendly hair and body products

Jo’s journey began about 15 years ago when she became very ill, ending up bedridden for 12 months. After endless rounds of tests she discovered that her immune system was compromised and set about researching her condition, concluding that an overload of toxins from everyday life and commonly used products was the likely culprit. Jo started eating all-organic foods, stopped using any beauty and body products that contained nasties and changed all her home cleaning products for eco friendly alternatives. Within 6 months she experienced a significant improvement in her wellbeing and was able to go back to work on a part-time basis. Looking back, she believes that this is when her journey began into the eco-friendly and sustainability world. 

With the launch of The Chic Eco Boutique, we're committed to helping others take this same journey of discovery into a more environmentally kind and sustainable world.  

Please enjoy browsing our website. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to find out about becoming a supplier. And in the meantime, why not sign up for our newsletter too?