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Lemon Oil Shampoo Bar

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This is an amazing SLS free and waste free way to experience clean, fresh, hair healthy shampoo!

This little miracle bar is not a soap - soap is for your body, your hair is a whole different environment and this gives it a proper wash and clean, without leaving any residue and with no need for 'transition time'.

The Oil Balancing Lemon essential oil hair bar is for more oily or greasy hair that simply wants to be clean, fresh, and ready to go. You may find that you only need to wash your hair every other day (actually better for more oily hair if you can, to ensure you don't strip the scalps natural oils and actually convince your scalp to produce more oils!); you may find you still want to add a conditioner just to the ends of your hair (especially if your hair is long) or you might never use any other products...if so, this is just wash and go, pop your bar back in the tin for travelling or for the gym, or pop it on a coconut mat to drain and ensure it has a long life...oh it will last!

100gm bar in a tin


Sodium Coco Sulphate -  Creates a rich foam to dissolve dirt and grease, from coconut oil, less irritating to skin than harsh SLS.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - Naturally derived from coconut oil, organic, foaming and cleansing, effectively removes surface oil, dirt and bacteria without stripping or drying the hair.

Decyl Glucoside - A surfactant and emulsifier (a shampoo needs these components), a combination of plant based fatty alcohols and glucose. Gentle for all hair types.

Cetyl Alcohol - An emollient and emulsifier, from vegetable oils.

Cocoa Butter - Moisturising, protects, conditions, de-tangles.

Cetearyl Alcohol - Fatty acid from coconut oil, emulsifies, boosts foam and is aqueous, softens and detangles hair.

Citric Acid - Naturally occuring, keeps the pH down, so protecting your hair, helps to flatten hair follicles making hair feel smooth and looking.shiny.

Benzyl Alcohol - A natural preservative.

Sweet Almond Oil - Rich in vitamins that support hair growth, a light oil that moisturises but won't coat the scalp helping to fight off dandruff, holds in natural hair moisture.

D Panthenol - for moisture retention, spreads evenly on hair strands to form a smooth film on the surface of the hairs cuticle.

Wheat Protein - for strength and structure of the hair, can prevent thinning, improve hair elasticity and flexibility, moisturises and conditions.

Lemon Essential Oil - Helps to reduce overly greasy hair. Balances oil in the scalp and can also reduce itching. Can also improve hair growth to give a fuller looking head of hair.